Enjoy the fun and personal satisfaction of learning to play the Guitar! It's the most popular and most versatile instrument on the face of the planet and there is good reason for that.

Even at the beginners level, after a few months of daily practice, you can learn enough to entertain yourself, your family and your friends and maybe even try to compose an original song or two.

However, like every new endeavor, there are challenges and a personal commitment involved. You have to make time for practice. At least 30 minutes every other day, if not every day.



Learning to play the guitar can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Ages 12 to Adult.

You don't have to take the years it takes to become a virtuoso. Just learning to play for your own enjoyment or for friends is good enough. Who knows where it might take you? Could be the beach or the campfire or it could be the recording studio and stage.

Whatever style you want to learn to play, I'll get you started.


How long does it take to learn to play the guitar?

Learning to play the guitar is a continuing process. There is no finish line or award saying, "Congratulations, you now know how to play the guitar".

You can, however learn the basics in about 9 months to 1 year depending on how often you practice and how quickly you learn. This includes basic chords, (Majors, Minors and 7th's), Power chords, as well as basic strumming and picking techniques, basic Music Theory and Tablature. After that period you may develop finer skills by continuing with more advanced lessons or learn on your own.


About Practicing

Practicing at least every other day for 30 minutes or more is essential to develop and keep skills. Even if you just play for a hobby or personal pleasure you still have to practice. You can't practice for an hour or so one day and then skip a few days. It won't work and you'll get very frustrated.

You will learn and practice basic chords, strumming, flat picking and finger picking and exercises based on popular songs from different styles of music to help you develop new techniques and get your rhythm structure going. I teach you the techniques and skills to learn songs on your own. Though I will certainly offer my help with songs you may want to learn.


Prospective students and parents of students, please read carefully!


I only accept a limited number of students. This allows me the time to give each student the proper attention required during lessons and to update lesson plans as the student progresses. The usual length of time it takes to develop basic skills and techniques is 9 months to 1 year. At the end of this time period the student has learned the ability to figure out songs and learn advanced techniques on their own.

Lessons are available Monday through Friday from 2pm to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm.  Please browse my site for information about me, my teaching methods, fees and guidelines. Then, if you are interested in taking lessons, contact me for available days and times. 

You must register on-line for your free Introductory session.

Go to the Registration page and make sure to fill out all the information in the form marked with a red dot. Then at the bottom you must enter the text/numbers, (whatever appears), then check the box for my studio policy and click Register. I will then recieve your student registration and will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a day and time for your Intro Lesson. Should you decide not to take lessons after our first meeting your student registration form and all the information will be removed from my files.


Introductory Session

This is where we get to know each other a little before formal lessons start. We'll talk about what kind of music you like, what you want to learn to play and how far you want to take your training.

Parents of younger students are encouraged to sit in during the Intro Session and are also invited to attend all lessons or the first few until the student becomes more comfortable with one to one instruction. Parents may also choose to wait during the lesson in our family room.



Our home is located in the Beechview, South Hills area of Pittsburgh, just a short distance out of the Liberty Tunnels off West Liberty Ave., via Cape May on Dagmar Ave. You can get directions by clicking on the link below.