Welcome!                                          Daniel

Enjoy the fun and personal satisfaction of learning to play the Acoustic guitar or Ukulele.

Ages 18 and older.

You're never too old to learn to play! Even at the beginners level, after 3 to 6 months of daily practice, you can learn enough to entertain yourself, your friends or family. However, like every new endeavor, there are challenges and a personal commitment involved. You have to make time for practice. At least 30 minutes every other day, if not every day.


Prospective students please read the following before continuing:

I only accept students with little or no experience with the Acoustic Guitar or Ukulele. This gives me the opportunity to start you off with a good and proper foundation and the skills you'll need to continue refining your techniques and learning songs on your own. This usually takes between nine, (9) months and a year and a half depending on how much you practice and how quickly you learn. Students usually finish my lesson course in about a year.

Lessons are available Monday through Friday evenings and Saturdays. Lessons start at the top of the hour and are 45 minutes once a week.  Please browse my site for information about me, my location, my teaching methods, fees and guidelines. Then, if you are interested in taking lessons, go to the "Contact" page, email me as a "General Question"  on the drop down menu and let me know what day and time you are interested in and tell me which instrument you are interested in learning and a little about yourself and what type of music you want to learn to play and/or what you like to listen to. Available days and times can be seen at the left side of each web page.
Please do not fill out and submit the Registration Form until we have set a day and time for your Free Introductory lesson.

Introductory Session

This is where we get to know each other a little before formal lessons start. We'll talk about what kind of music you like and what you want to learn to play. I'll also take a quick look at your instrument for general condition and playability and any perform adjustments that may be necessary.


Our home is located in the Beechview, South Hills area of Pittsburgh, just a short distance out of the Liberty Tunnels off West Liberty Ave., via Cape May on Dagmar Ave. You can get directions by clicking on the link below.